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Cutest stocking...

i love our christmas stockings because they're cute - and the kids do because their pictures are on them! :) plus they held a lot of goodies from santa! they happen to be available at dsp , you know, i like to shop locally. :) we're keeping their photos each year behind the others so we can see how they've grown as we add them each christmas. personalized stocking from dsp

Christmas morning

it was wonderful having the grands and uncle ryan here for christmas! santa (and the grands and ryan) were way too good to the kids. they did leave him cookies and homemade eggnog!

Christmas Eve

the kids got to open their secret santa gifts tonight. they drew names again between the 3 of them. (and no they haven't worked out the math yet, to realize they should know who got them!) they did a great job of picking just the right gifts for each other! and all were very happy!

it's my turn on dsp lane!!!!!!

my castle is up so you can come caroling at my place and get a freebie! yay! it's part of the 12 days of christmas at dsp! have you been caroling on dsp lane yet??? it's been a blast! freebies all along the way, whether you sing pretty or not. :) you have to be logged in to see it, so sign in if you're not! there's also a dsp cook book with great recipes you can print. extra super yummy ones! hope you had a fun 12 days of christmas at dsp! be sure to go visit my castle now!!! merry christmas eve!!

Crazy Christmas Sale!

Don't miss the sale at DSP ! There are different specials and sales each of the 12 days of Christmas! I'm particularly excited about a few products that will be our gifts to family, but I can't spill yet! :) Doh! Now they know it'll be scrapbooking-related! (As if they didn't already!) :)

Christmas play, Mystery of the Manger

josh and lizzy were in the children's christmas play at church and they had a ball. of course their favorite part is the lock-in where they spend the night at church, but they love the performance too! they each got small solo parts again. click here to see lizzy's solo . hopefully one day we'll convince her to let loose and forget her stage fright. the girl can sing! :)

long lost family members... i love my job!!!

I love this story of long-lost family members found through scrapbooking at DSP! I first heard about Arline's connection from our customer service as Arline sent a thank you in. Since then, we asked her permission to share and follow up on her story. Then while one of our staff members was writing the article about it, she was contacted from a long-lost family member! I love this scrapbooking stuff!!! :) Read about it on the DSP Blog: Finding Connections through DSP