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At Thousand Trails Orlando, we got know to know (and love) the Weaver family. They're a traveling family band with 8 kids (ages 11-23) and they're awesome! They "only" have 7 kids with them now though because Jimmy left for a job in Pigeon Forge (*sniff*). We heard another RVing family called Weaver Believer Survival Revival was playing a bluegrass gospel concert at the campground clubhouse and we figured we'd go support them. We didn't realize how good they'd be or how nice!The kids spent quite a bit of time together over the weeks we were in Orlando and Wauchula. Trips to the pool, hanging out, Stevie leading my kids down the dark road of airsoft wars...
We also caught four concerts AND the bug for playing bluegrass. They're all learning guitar and mandolin and we're keeping an eye out for a banjo and fiddle. I might even learn bass. (Watch out!)

Here's our favorite song, Dueling Banjos. Jimmy & Sam are amazing!

Unclouded Day. Jimmy & Sam again.

Jimmy is just amazing! He'll definitely be missed, but we look forward to seeing Stevie playing lead next time we see them.

The best part is they're traveling too, so we'll catch them again down the road!