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Little Rock, Arkansas

We spent a few weeks in Arkansas with the Harris family after they lost their daughter and grandfather.  We can't say it was a good time, it was so hard, but it was good to see them and help out in small ways, and we had many fun times with the sad.  And it was good to be able to just pick up and go thanks to our nomadic life. 
We were really awed by Paul and his strength and leadership, taking care of his family, his injured mother and son, and tons of visitors and details, all while being injured himself and having lost a father and daughter.  The rest of the family we knew to be strong too, and it was actually inspiring to see in action, but I hope to never have a reason to see it again.  They've had enough.  We hope to spend happier times with them again soon, but know there will always be a hole where Maci was.  We were sad to leave, but knew they had to adjust to their new normal.  It's certainly not fair, or understandable, but they're surrounded by so much love and we know they're in good hands.  
Pretty sunset behind their house.
Matt had a good reason to play with a Christmas gift from a friend, it snowed on us!! 
 The pretty lake in our campground.  
 When we hit the road again, the well-traveled dog got comfy looking out the window.