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LSNED: Learn Something New Every Day

Homeschooling, unschooling, roadschooling, whatever you call what we're doing, we're learning.  Living on the road makes that very easy, but of course it's easy anywhere, because you learn something new every day.  We thought we'd test that theory and make it a goal  requirement  prerequisite for happiness  something to talk about at dinner.
The Great Math Experiment is over and our hypothesis was confirmed.  After years of no math, we stuck Josh and Lizzy in an online math class to see if they could "catch up".  They did (with a pretty poor effort) and got a B and C.  It was tiring though, proving their knowledge with assignments and tests, and even proving our parental involvement with required calls and emails.  Lizzy said "Mom, you couldn't be more involved, we live in 40 feet."  (Of course that's actually 400 square feet, which could explain her C.)  So, no more of that!  We're going back to just learning for fun!  Maybe even something new every day. 
Whether they're watching Duck Dynasty (hunting and family values, that's great education!), Pawn Stars (I don't know, they say they learn stuff), or I Shouldn't Be Alive (sometimes I fear they're preparing for our appearance on that one!), they're learning new things.  Josh will say that some box is from some war because of some fact he saw in some pawn shop.  He's also flipping items from eBay for profit like he knows what he's doing.  And climbing trees to cut mistletoe (which we learned grows in bird poo) to sell in the campgrounds.  And teaching himself guitar on YouTube...
Of course they stick to us like leeches watch us like hawks too, and learn about whatever we're doing. Refinishing tables, remodeling, truck maintenance, hunting safety, fantasy football, grocery budgeting, cooking, complaining about (but always paying) taxes, etc.  They're never far - literally, we live in a box - so we're always learning from each other, something new, every day.
Maybe we'll write it down or maybe we'll just talk about it at dinner.  Probably we'll forget, but it'll happen.  Today, Lizzy learned that Mr. T's real name is Lawrence.  Matt learned that if aliens invade, you should shoot just to the right of where the heart should be.  And Josh learned Eye of the Tiger on guitar and a few new blues licks.  I learned what blues licks were.  :) 
And you can learn that I used Meryl Bartho's Storyteller Page Kit to make that lsned graphic above. :)


Marty Walden said…
Hey, girl! Yes, our kids are always learning and there just isn't a way to measure it. Keep on keeping on! You're doing great! See you in Orlando.
Kerry said…
I think Lizzie was referring to the length of your home, so C+ for her. :)