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We are campers now!

i think we're finished with tent camping forever! bring on the oven cooking, refrigerated drinks, air conditioning (or heater), comfy beds, DVDs with surround sound, clean showers, and flushable toilets! man, davy crockett never had it so rough! :)

we took our first voyage to taylorsville lake in kentucky and had a blast. matt, shannan, and the girls came to visit and maci even spent the night. the kids loved fighting over her! it was so fun to try everything out. i baked lasagna, chicken fettucini alfredo, and cookies, and yeah, we did roast hot dogs and marshmallows too!

the inside comfort is so new to us (and so appreciated)! a mattress that doesn't lose air, bunk beds to keep the kids apart, counters to easily prepare and serve food, plenty of counters and closets so food and clothes are safe and dry, a sweepable floor even, it's just awesome! we'll be camping a LOT this year. and thanks to convenient technology, we can even work on the road when needed!