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Camping at the Elkhorn

we're having a ball here in KY camping. right now the kids are chasing a duck (poor duck) and playing on the playground. i'm nearby in the shade on the internet and looking through my pics. allen's on the river with a huge group of kayakers. the kids and i have already hiked, biked, and waded in the water. now it's time for a little relaxing, for me anyway, not for the duck! and hopefully the kids will get worn out, tho that never seems to happen. we're really roughing it. we have cable, cartoon network even, but no hi def or dvr, so you know, pretty rough.
i *may* have bribed the kids to let me take pictures so there are a lot. i've been needing new ones to put on my purses, clocks, mugs, and all the fun beyond the layout products at dsp! :)

oh, and i made a slideshow too...

james happe, from the cincypaddlers group, took some group photos of the kayakers. allen is wearing blue/black in a yellow/black kayak.