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We are the Lundys

Currently RVing the country (since 2010), Allen Lundy and Margie (Hamel) Lundy have been married for 22 years. We love God, family, and adventure, in that order. :) Climbing, canyoneering, kayaking, white water rafting, sky diving, mountain biking, anything with a little thrill!
We adopted our son from Ukraine in 2001, which was a new level of adventure. We adopted again in 2006, a boy and a girl from the US. Again, more adventure! Our current adventure is traveling the country full time in an RV!
We're a God-following, home-schooling, online-working, adventure-seeking, always-learning, sometimes-RVsteading, usually-up-to-something, unlocating family of 5!
Allen is a great husband, father, teacher, provider, and fixer of all things. He loves spending time outdoors and is an avid climber, whitewater kayaker, hiker, and backpacker. As we travel, he tortures motivates us by planning excruciating challenging opportunities in the back country. As an online business owner, fisherman, and hunter, he also brings home the bacon, literally and figuratively.
Margie is a wife, mother, author, unschooler, researcher, and photographer of all things Lundy. She loves adventure herself, but prefers to photograph and write about the adventures of her family, though she's embraced most of it so she's not left behind. She has a Math/Physics degree that she doesn't use, owned a global digital scrapbooking company, studies the effects of trauma on brain development in her spare time, and loves chocolate on an unhealthy level.
Updated: Josh (19) has now been a US Marine for 2 years! Graduating at 16 and enlisting at 17, he had a plan and stuck with it. He's now stationed in Hawaii and loving life there.
Josh (16) is very passionate about life. This kid young man can get excited about watching grass grow. While it is sometimes hard to contain his passion, he's be a blast to be around on any adventure. He lives life to the fullest & reminds us to do the same. He also rocks a farmer tan & the electric guitar.    

Updated: Lizzy (19) has graduated, found a job, bought a car, and is saving up for an apartment. She plans to be in the Orlando area and will most likely still have cats.
Lizzy (16) is a sweet and beautiful little girl young lady with a tomboy edge. She's all girl, always ready to hit the mall, while retaining just enough of her country girl charm to have the best of both worlds. Soft and girly, yet ready to wrestle, she makes life fun and interesting. Growing up with two brothers has given her the perfect balance of toughness and femininity. Her laughter is contagious and she brings joy to those around her. Her life's dream is to become a cat. If that doesn't work out, she'll just own a few... dozen.
Updated: Matt (16) is still Matt. The strangle or hug still applies. :) He's an amazing climber and livens up pretty much everything we do. He's considering the military or maybe living in a van to climb and find a Brazilian model/climber to marry. He has a little time, so we'll see how that goes.
Matt (14) is, hmm, what can we say about Matt? This boy cannot be described with a few sentences. He has a completely ornery shell with the kindest heart you will ever find. This kid is constantly getting into all sorts of mischief, testing every boundary before melting your heart with sweet, genuine innocence. He's the most giving person and the most rotten. There's no middle ground with Matt. We either want to strangle him or hug him and it's usually a pretty even balance. :)
We brought along Jack the dog (now 11, older and slower, but still the same) because the kids pulled the ol' "but he's family and our motto is family sticks together". How could we refuse that? Like our children, Jack had a bit of trauma in his early years and he's afraid of toy guns and thunderstorms. But he's a great RVing dog, very laid back and friendly. He's also a great hiker, climber, and even a backpacker, carrying his own food and water.
That's our family in a pretty big nutshell. We've been on the road since 2010 and absolutely love it still!


Anonymous said…
I can't wait to see Josh again! When are you guys coming back? Tell Josh I said hi.

Wendy said…
We are a family of four getting ready to head out on the road. Serve God to first then our family and enjoy life. Trying to rid ourselves of our possessions shall I say Curses. God really has opened our eyes to what has gained control of our lives. Things. We've been married 11 years and have his kids Jennifer 27 two granddaughters 1&3, Matt 20 Mine Breanna 20,Ours Gabriel 7 and Liberty 4. We are blessed and have a message to sow for the Lord. Can't wait but don't want to get in the way either.
(aunt) marybeth said…
hey margie, i love seeing your pics and the stories. i am so happy for you and your family...have safe and fun travels wherever you go.
MeghanR said…
Hello! I love your blog and your family mission! We are a family of 4 looking to do the same thing hopefully very soon, God willing! We have also had our eyes opened to the "things", jobs, etc that keep us held back. Work is necessary but not if it takes you away from God and your family. We are adventurous and desire to serve God and have freedom together! We are just in the very beginning stages of this life adventure so we are looking to meet some fellow travelers who are already doing the same thing. We feel possibly called to make this a serving opportunity as a family as well...we shall see! our boys are 8 1/2 and 2! God Bless!

Bradley Family said…
You have a beautiful family!! We are spiritual unschoolers as well, and hope to adopt one day. :) I would love to RV one day too; currently we live in Thailand and last year were in Italy and Korea. I think travel really brings a family together, and is an unparalleled education.
Karen said…
You are a wonderful family. my daughter (Stacey Schrier)and husband and twins are rv on the road. She homeschools their kids.
Unknown said…
Love your family story!! Thanks for sharing and finding me on Facebook!
Love how adventurous you all are it's right up our ally!!!! I didn't know you had been on the road for so long that's awesome!