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Meet Luna

Walker Kitty was getting annoyingly (and sometimes painfully!) playful, so we thought maybe two cats would be good for the barn. They can keep each other warm, play together, and generally leave us alone. So we asked our neighbors and they had a few kittens.  Meet Luna!  We were thinking of Misty, Stormy, something gray, but Allen came up with Luna and we all loved it.  There was a lunar eclipse that night and we love Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. Plus she's kinda crazy and we assume any cat of ours will be as well. (Spoiler, she is!) 
For the first few days, Walker Kitty was NOT a fan! It was pretty crazy.  (See her behind the tree?)  Ugly!
Then we kept "losing" Luna and no one could find her.  The kids finally found her under the RV, up in the underpinning (which yeah, needs fixed!). 
Randomly, one of the free range chicks was hoping for handouts through the window.
And one of the not-yet-free chicks attempted to get free, but got stuck. He was lucky we were home!