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visiting back home, and packing up

we went back to waverly to pack up my parents' stuff and MAN are we tired!
it was a beautiful drive here through the ice castle world of southern ohio. it was probably the worst day of the year to load up a moving truck though. ryan shoveled a path, then allen shoveled more, THEN it snowed more last night, so allen had to shovel it all again! but the ice was so thick it was crazy slick out. not good when you're balancing the world's heaviest furniture on a dolly! (yeah, that's a trolley for those of you down under).
but it's all packed (the pic below was just the beginning!) and we're ready to head to florida for some SUNSHINE! we'd be looking forward to it, but then we know when we get there we have to unpack it all! but at least it won't be freezing and we won't be walking on ice. :)