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10 item wardrobe, or maybe 15

I was inspired by a Money Saving Mom post about a 10 item wardrobe. Today I got mine down to 23, but only 15 that I will wear often. A few are ridiculous skirts that I love and will wear sometimes, just to be ridiculous. :) And I need a brown shirt for 2 of the skirts (bottom left), so I'll have 24. I'll probably cut that down as I find shirts that better match everything else.
I have one fancy shirt/skirt that aren't in my color wheel, but I love them. And I have one outfit just for Universal (because it has lots of pockets, so no purse check line)! But for general every day wear, I'm counting 15. I had 14 full outfits, but that was overkill since I mix and match better these days. My closet is happy!
As a friend pointed out, yes, camo and tie dye are both in my color wheel. It's a pretty eclectic wheel. :)
You'd think we'd be pretty thinned down already after 5 years in an RV!  When we hit the road, we took 14 outfits. My theory was we could go two weeks between doing laundry, and sometimes we do, but 14 was definitely overkill for all of us. I'm sure we'll keep minimizing. It's crazy to think we still feel like we have too much STUFF when it all fits into our 400 square foot home.  Our perspectives have changed a tad over the years of living small!  :)


Linda Sand said…
I'm down to 3 pairs of pants, 6 long-sleeve shirts, 6 short sleeve shirts, 3 jackets, and one dress-up outfit. It's amazing how many mix and match outfits you can make with just a few pieces. My dress up outfit is long silky culottes with a matching top and I can wear some of my other shirts with the culottes as well. Scarves dress up solid color t-shirts amazingly well and take up little room in an RV. Plus, scarves make good souvenirs if you buy them as you travel.