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Goats, kitten, tires, chicken, kale, sunset

Lucy finally let the other goats near "her" tires that we paid the govt not to dispose of. Deuce likes to walk through the tire when he's not bouncing on the other two.
Annie seems to want to move this tree.
Walker Kitty doesn't like her tiny water bowl. She prefers the bigger-than-her bowls for the goats and chickens. 
I added (and painted) a brown tire that we paid the govt not to dispose of to the potato pile. They're growing like crazy!
This is some farming foreshadowing. Jiffy Puff is outside the freezer now, inside later...  
A few years ago, we didn't know what kale was when we had (and loved) kale chips. Today we had some from the garden! 
We had a crazy quick and big storm today, but the sunset after is usually worth it.  Plus, I didn't have to water the garden. :)