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Random RVsteading

Typical days on the RVstead.  Deuce thinks the rabbits are tiny goats and wants them to come out to play.
Bottle feeding three hungry goats can be tricky. Here, Matt demonstrates a new technique. 
"Oh, did you need to use this work table? Our bad." 
"I'll just sit here and watch those goats, just in case they need to be barked at." 
Matt and I took a ride on the 4-wheeler down to the lake. We love our secluded beach! 
Especially nice for stripping and swimming. :) 
One of these days, I'll track down the people who live over there and give them a few photos of their mountain.  Just trying to figure out how to not seem so stalkerish.  
Whitewater kayaks are great for easy transporting on 4-wheelers. Allen took the boys to go swimming while he fished. 
I asked Matt to wear Jack out. (He loves chasing this!)  Yes, I really just wanted to keep Matt busy.  Win-win-win.  
Mid-June, we just ate our last fish from this winter in FL and we'd already run out of this fall's deer, so Allen's working on restocking the freezer!  He loves this job. 
These chicks are all the same age.  One is a special breed meant to grow big quickly for the frying pan. Bet you can't guess which one. :)   We call him Bubba. 
We love when the days end like this...