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Visiting the Jacksons' houseboat

We had a great time vising Doug, Shauna, and Piper Jackson in their houseboat! It was great to catch up and see their little girl, who is so not little anymore. We had fun, even though Matt was apparently "aggravising" her. :) Boy was she adorable!
We're used to small living spaces and it was fun to see this one. Their boat is really unique because it literally looks like a house, on the water. We even got to take a cruise around the lake and stay nice and warm inside. How cool to have front and back porches on a lake!  They have so much room inside and the vaulted ceilings are great.
As we were cruising, Matt sat in Piper's room with the lake out the back window, pop in his hand, and said "This is the life"!  Yep, I can see one of our kids living on a houseboat one day.
The lake was very pretty surrounded by fall colors.  I got to practice with my new polarizing filter on my camera lens.  (I need a lot more.)
We had a bit of entertainment too, as we docked with some very gusty winds.  Shauna took a little unexpected dip in the (freezing) lake. Fortunately she was fine!  We didn't get any pictures of that though, which I'm sure made her happy!
The drive back home was really pretty too.

Many more pics:


Rebeca said…
Thanks for visiting my blog! What a cute little boat-home you got to visit! I love seeing people's living spaces... so much creativity and inspiration.