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going once? going twice? the auction block is up!

the auctioneer brought the block today and a gazillion tables (which we've already filled!) we just need more boxes (anyone have boxes??) we worked for 12 hours today (ugh lemme tell ya!) and have so much left to do, but it's a good start. we have 5 days to finish up before the auction sunday! it starts at noon, so get to church, and get here. we're 2 minutes from grace, and they'll have lunch here! (hm, i wonder if we get to eat free?!)
i know it's worth it and i know people need things sorted into hammers and screwdrivers and vases and baskets and candles and pans, but dang! i wish we could just dump it all together and sell mystery boxes. unfortunately, i think, allen and i are going to work for the auctioneer, so i'll know how much things are selling for. not sure i really want to know that! but at least i'm grateful it'll be gone so we'll be free of stuff.
my brother ryan's here helping us greatly (his car's in the shop - very fortunate for us, though not so much for him!) and the kids worked really hard so we made great strides today. (well the kids were on skates so great rolls?) unfortunately/fortunately we get to do it all again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next...


Liz McCoy said…
WOW you all are ROCKSTARS!!!! Seriously it's got to be hard to see ALL ur STUFF go but i completely understand how freeing it must feel.

You're purging is an inspiration I hope to get rid of 1/2 our stuff and believingly I can do it!!
Heather Mattern said…
WooHoo!! Good luck! We are in the early stages of our own living free journey!! We are in search for our rig and hopefully after that we will begin listing everything and selling our house....eeeeek Im so excited and scared at the same time!!!
Tara W. said…
Wow! I never even considered an auction. Good luck!

P.S. See ya on the road soon. :)