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The auction is over and the fulltime RVing is beginning!

Downsizing complete! Thanks to an auction, and weeks of hard, hard work, we are now the proud owners of nothing! Well, besides a few houses (anyone want to buy a house?), and our truck and RV. Now we're free from the STUFF, and I couldn't believe just how much STUFF we had! We had great stuff and loved our stuff, but shew, we much prefer it in the form of a check. We've decided from now on the only things we'll collect are memories and digital pics!
We couldn't believe the turnout, especially on a rainy Sunday. There were cars and people everywhere! Was it weird watching our things sell? Yeah, a bit, especially at the end when it all went so cheap. But the important thing is, it all went.
The captain has turned off the fasten seat belt sign and you are now we're free to move about the cabin, I mean country!

The kids all worked so hard carrying, organizing, and cleaning!
Boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff...
We were so glad they put up a tent. It definitely saved the day.
The kids couldn't believe the line of cars either!
We heard they parked around the corner in the farmer's field too. Crazy. :) We're now in the RV, in the driveway, preparing to leave Monday! Allen's thinking Slippery Rock instead of Ohiopyle Falls, but whatever. It's awesome that it no longer matters, we'll just pick one and head in that direction. Though the first night we'll be at Cabela's! :)


Liz McCoy said…
beyond exciting!!!! WOW so impressed by how well you all did letting go of the STUFF...I'm trying to do that more myself :P
Ali Workentin said…
Glad the auction went well and that you are now that much more closer to leaving. I remember how excited we were to get into the motor home and out of the house.

Looking forward to traveling with you wherever you go.
Heather Mattern said…
Awesome turn out!! Im a bit nervous.. we just went under contract today on our house so I have 30 days to get rid of all our stuff!! Feels so OVERWHELMING!