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just a few weeks and we'll be on the road - fulltime RVing!

it's official, we're hitting the road in a few weeks! we scheduled an auction for april 25 where we'll sell everything we're not taking in the RV. which is a lot. come and bid. a lot! :) we have a kayaking/camping weekend trip coming up where we can take it for a test run, then we'll head home to finalize things for the auction. (aka carry things to the barn like mules). we'll probably live in the driveway for a week or two! after the auction, awards night for awanas, and my women of faith event in columbus, we'll head...................
dunno! isn't that cool?! probably east to a river that allen says won't kayak itself. but it'll be fun not having to pack up and rush home afterward. we'll be home. no matter where we go!
we'll post more about where we're going soon. but the fun thing is, we're going! :)


mmartin said…
Yeah! We continue to follow you guys. Maybe we can meet up sometime when we hit the road next fall! God bless and have fun.
Ken and Nanette said…
We are following along too!

It is getting close for sure -- you are going to love it!

Ken and Nanette
Ali Workentin said…
Yeah! You are leaving on your new journey soon. Who knows we might meet up somewhere along this journey.

Good luck with your auction. I am sure the next few weeks will be a busy time for you.

Looking forward to traveling along with you.