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new whitewater park in springfield for kayakers

we all went to watch allen play a little in the new whitewater park in springfield (buck creek). it's a GENIUS idea and it's looking great. kayakers around here will love it and allen hates to leave it now that it's almost finished. it has great viewing for the family too. we got to sit and chat with allen as he was surfing! we usually have to hike in the middle of nowhere to get to any rapids and then we're far from the action. so this was really fun for us!
there are two drops in one area, then four in the next, maybe a mile down. but all close together for great viewability. the water was low, but plenty to play in. and josh can even run this one safely!
here are some of the pics. i have to teach these kayakers to face the photographer! and get those paddles away from their faces. and yeah, you could die and all, but smile! makes my job easier, sheesh. :) :) :)
there are a lot of pics, so they're on flickr if you're interested.
my favorites: (and yes, i totally told him to smile so i could put it on facebook) :)
nice video of some of the features by henry dorfman:


Liz McCoy said…
Wow that's amazing!!! What a clever clever idea!!