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Making the RV a home

we've been working on getting the RV ready to go and packing everything that we're not currently using, wearing, or eating. i think the living room/kitchen is finished! yes, the baskets are secured with velcro and will hold light weight stuff. it's a great extra storage solution, plus i get to keep my baskets! :)
the second bedroom has room for three big tubs under the couch, perfect for the kids' three desks. no, they don't look like desks, but then the RV doesn't look like a house. or a school for that matter! :)
allen's worked hard on customizing the basement and yeah, he's addicted to pegboard. see his post here.
tools on the side and fishing poles on the ceiling. :)scrapthemap


Liz McCoy said…
YAY you're nearly ready!!! :D Sooo exciting. I just love the tool organization!! too fun