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week 32 of homeschooling - farm stores, fresh milk & eggs, meeting fulltime rver karen

since it was the week after easter, and the kids did find baskets full of candy, we pretty much just hunkered down and survived. our strategy is let them go wild and it's over sooner. a sugar rush around here is like a tornado, but then poof, it's gone... the rush and the candy.
wednesday, my friend kim took us on a great drive through the country to some farm stores. the kids LOVED the fresh milk, even lizzy our milk hater, and the brown eggs. i also got some flour for my bread obsession hobby.
thursday we got to spend a little time with karen (aka fulltime rver at dsp)! she was stopping in dayton for a few days (i know?!) and we took the kids and asked a bunch of questions. they were so gracious and seemed not to mind our beginner rving questions too much! she also showed the kids the dulcimer and gave us a cd, which the kids are crazy about. matt especially just sits and stares out the window as he listens. and matt never ever just sits and stares! :) we also found it funny that the only state they haven't filled in on their map is west virginia, since we camp there often. this is their 9th year on the road and we hope to meet up with them again somewhere on the map!
i had a proud moment when matt saw the cd cover & said hey, you scrapbooked this. she used graphics from dsp! he understands what i do more than my parents. :)
friday allen took the kids to the dayton art museum. lizzy loved it there and so wanted the boys to see it. they weren't super excited but were pleasantly surprised. they also mentioned that sometimes art was a bit inappropriate and that painters really could simply paint on underwear! practicality trumps culture in this family. :)