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Sad day as we said goodbye for now to our dog, classes, random fun...

Today was a tough day for us, as Jack (the dog) had to go to our sister's house (where we got him). Jack will much prefer running free and being spoiled to being cooped up in the RV and on the dreaded leash, but it was hard on all of us. So hard Allen almost turned around and came home! So we had some intense love and attachment therapy, and a really rough day. But we're all happy that Jack has such a great place to live and we look forward to visiting him soon! He recognized where he was and was very excited to see his doggy friends again, so we know he'll be happy! We took a last family photo, but poor Matt said he simply couldn't smile today (and I don't think he ever did). :(
Chess is becoming a morning tradition and Matt especially is getting better quickly. So I guess morning classes covered strategy, concentration, patience, memorization, and Lizzy threw in some art... :)
On the drive to our sister's, (Matt and I stayed home), the kids apparently learned about engines, supply & demand, water towers, dormant plants in winter, types of rapids - who needs curriculum?! :)
Matt on the other hand was so distraught over Jack, that I let him work on reading, history, strategy, critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and technology (yes, PlayStation).

And for some random fun, the moon was just low enough in the sky tonight for Lizzy to reach! :)


Sorry to read about your dog. We can relate- our beautiful Siamese cat didn't adjust to our traveling lifestyle and now has a home with dear friends of ours. She's much happier, but after a year the kids still miss her, even if we did keep our puppy on the road. Hope your little guy decides to smile tomorrow!