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RVer Health Insurance

What do RVers do for health insurance on the road? There are too many options to list. From employer-provided to self-employed insurance to health care cost sharing to going without, RVers choose from a wide variety.  It's certainly a consideration in choosing a domicile state.  Will we be covered as we travel?  Is Affordable Care actually affordable?  How much coverage do we really need?
How did we decide?  We found someone who knows all about insurance and asked him!  Kyle Henson is both a fulltime RVer and an experienced insurance agent, so we were very happy to see the development of
He shares things to consider, gives recommendations, and shares info on specific states.  You can request a quote for more info too.  What works for us may not work for you, so we highly recommend you talk to Kyle at  We always recommend asking him, so I'm happy he has an affiliate program now.  Use our affiliate links above or tell him we sent you.  Hope you find a great option!  


James Wells said…
I have found a big help in keeping insurance cost lower is using a discount membership for a lot of the needs, this way we can have a higher deductible and keep the premium lower.