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New RV table setup

We've loved having a real table in our kitchen/living room, but it was a little too big for the space.  And heavy!  Weight is always an issue for RVers.
So we found this great little, lightweight, foldable table and some lightweight storage cubes/stools that we can move around as needed.  We can scoot it all to the side and use beanbags to watch movies or move it to the center to host card games or scoot it all to the side on moving day. 
We have so much more room when we're boondocking (aka overnight camping at Walmart or rest areas). 
It was such a pain to maneuver around the big table when cooking and eating. 
Now we all have a place to sit and eat. 
We can use half the table for work and half for TV watching. 
Or move it all to the corner for a comfy seat for one (when we get a pillow). 
Plus, STORAGE!  RVers can always use storage.
As a bonus, my bread maker fits inside the purple cube! As another bonus, the purple cube matches my future purple toaster. :)