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USMC Family Day

We took a little road trip, a few days and states later, to South Carolina (and just missed the big storm, no worries) to see a friend graduate as a United States Marine. We kinda weaseled our way into Family Day and got to see the base where Travis has been at boot camp for the past few months.  Just a few quick pics, because we have to get up super early (even for normal sleepers, 5:30am!). Apparently the USMC wants to raise the flag with the sun and all, despite my opinion of noon being better.  They don't appear to be very lenient (ha! they're seriously very scary!) so we'll do things their way.  :)
It was so sweet to see Mekenna and Travis reconnect after a long time away. I can't imagine how hard that would be for either of them. 
He made it look so easy! But Mekenna was a good sport to try. :) 
We were also "randomly selected" to be searched as we entered the base. They brought in the dogs and everything while we waited inside.  Allen's calling it facial profiling (do you blame them though?), but it could have been the body-shaped kayaks on top or the combustible gas tank in the back too. :)