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Keeping it real

I hear it sometimes, "you don't keep it real" and "you only share the good stuff online."   Of course I'm thinking what is wrong with your head that you need to see my real, bad stuff?? Sometimes, you just don't want to (shouldn't even!) share your dirty laundry. This is one of those times, except it's clean, still wet even. So I'll share. There ya go bad-wanters. We have bad. We have nights where it's 11pm and the dryers suck and you run out of quarters and it's cold and wet outside and oh yeah, you live in 400 square feet.  What do you do? You drink a can of suck-it-up and improvise of course. Then you post it for the world to see because, it has bad-wanters. And because venting helps you feel better. You're welcome and thanks. :)
And then you look at pictures and wonder things like, why on earth is there a drill on the sink