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week 4 of homeschooling - wednesday, sept 9

today, on 09-09-09, we started at 9am and our 9-yr-olds (and 7-yr-old) had a fun day.
· math timed tests & worksheets
· grammar worksheets
· cooking - we made oreo balls, mmm! but fyi, don't skip the dipping part. yeah, i tried pouring chocolate over them to be lazy, and they're just not pretty! yummy though!
· from the prairie primer (we started little house on the prairie): history, geography, bible, science, vocabulary, dictionary.
· music - COG (children of God) practiced come home running.
· gym - matt had a soccer game, #2 of 6 this week.
· AWANA also started tonight and that counts as... not sure, but i'll think of a category! :) it's certainly bible study and memorization. (it also creates a weekly date night for allen and me, yay!)
· and two late entries for life skills classes tonight...
· thanks to our first flat tire since 2006 (when we bought the van), we learned about changing tires! how cool is that? the kids were actually so excited to watch daddy. (me too, i'm so glad that's his dept!) so we had some hands on training of spare tire locations, hydraulic jacks (oh yeah, we're high tech), the "baby" spare tire (lizzy saw it and said "awkward!" thinking it was the wrong size), and life on the side of a road.
· and thanks to no one stopping to see if we needed help, we also discussed the bible story of the good samaritan. even the people whose driveway we were partially blocking just slowly drove around us! yes allen looks like he knows his stuff, but still. if you pulled in, and saw a family of 5 working on a car in your own driveway, would you not at least make a nice gesture?? hey, looks like you have it under control, but do you need anything? or hey, we got here just in time to miss the hard part, need a hand cleaning up? but, thanks to those rude people, our kids hopefully won't do that to others in their driveways in the future! :)