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week 6 of homeschooling

it's hard to believe we're on week 6! oops, said that last week.
i'm compressing this week to one post. we'll see if i like it or not later.

monday, sept 21:
· math timed tests
· math worksheets
· spelling tests
· from the prairie primer: reading, health, science, character, bible, living, vocabulary, social studies
· lizzy had soccer for gym

tuesday, sept 22:
· math timed tests
· math worksheets
· wrote spelling words
· from the prairie primer: reading, science, health, living, bible, vocabulary
· for music class the Children of God band played (loudly) downstairs
· art class was making indian costumes (very creative duds for ken & barbie)
· matt had soccer for gym (where he showed the proper technique of kicking until they tell you to stop!)

wednesday, sept 23:
· math timed tests
· josh and lizzy wrote stories with their spelling words
· matt did reading worksheets
· from the prairie primer: reading, bible, social studies, literature, health
· for science they made an aquifer. yep, they dug a well in a bowl. they drink water from our well daily too, that should count.
· for art, they made indian necklaces
· the prairie primer said to cook an indian meal for dinner. we had lasagna. (do you think the indians had lasagna?? we're fresh out of stewed rabbit!) :)
· allen took them on a field trip to the woods (mind you that's miles of walking from here with no sidewalks or paths!) to learn about indian food. they ate walnuts and brought home lots of buckeyes!
· wednesday night is awana so bible, scripture memorization, team-oriented games, & fun!

thursday, sept 24:
· math timed tests
· math and grammar worksheets
· josh and lizzy read books. matt played a reading game online.
· from the prairie primer: reading, bible, science, history, character
· gym class was soccer in the rain, same time, different places.

friday, sept 25:
· math timed tests and spelling tests
· it's friday, so play, play, play, and more play!
at lunch i heard the kids saying their mac & cheese looked like an aquifer (see wed). matt said would that be aquacheese? josh said no, aqua means water, so it would be cheesifer. gotta love real life application! :)
allen's on his way to kayak the gauley river (gulp!) in west virginia, so we'll miss him, but look for some grand adventures ourselves!