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Josh's bow, garden, chicks

Josh has been working hard and saving up for this Matthews Mission Craze compound bow.  We spent a few (four) hours at an archery shop looking and learning (though Lizzy and I were just killing time). 
One fun part during the long wait, we went to McDonalds (I know, it was ew). Lizzy and I quietly tried to guess what the boys and Allen would want (since we left them at the archery shop), then finally stepped up and ordered 10 sandwiches. The (cute/young) guy said wow, you two must be really hungry. I said oh no, I had a salad, these are all for her. Lizzy then died of embarrassment.
Allen and I have a contest going. He's using well, natural fertilizer (ew). But mine came up first! Of course he thinks his will grow faster. We'll see.

Our first cantaloupe was great! 
The littlest chicks are getting bigger and you can just about see which ones are going to cause trouble.