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Best Matt story, so far!

Here is a sneak peek of some chapter of my future book of our shenanigans. The best Matt story ever told. Though I doubt it will hold that honor for very long...
Allen and Matt went out squirrel hunting today. Allen dropped Matt off in one spot and went to another. He told Matt to be ready when he heard the ATV coming back. Since this is Lundy Mountain, they were obviously not going to run into anyone else. So Matt headed into the woods and pulled out his stool and gun to watch and wait. After a while he noticed a chigger on his arm, then another, then a few more. He looked down and realized his pants were covered! He pulled up his pants legs to find more. He lifted his shirt and they were all over him. Chiggers everywhere! So he ran like crazy back to the road, shedding his clothes as he went. Fortunately, right then he heard the ATV, so he knew help was coming.
Imagine his surprise as he stood there, in his undies, as an older couple on ATVs drove by, laughing. Imagine their surprise, as they were driving down a road where they were obviously not going to run into anyone else, as they passed a cute young blond haired boy, with a gun, waving politely at them, in his underwear! They could be at the police station right now filing a report about a wild child who lives in the mountains alone, surviving on squirrels! Hopefully, as it usually is here in these mountains, they’re somewhere assuming the best, telling a crazy tale of a half-naked boy in the woods!


loonyhiker said…
My hubby and I couldn't stop laughing when we read this story! We don't ride on ATVs but we do a lot of hiking in the woods. Maybe someday we will be lucky enough to come across this wild child and say hi!