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Our mountaintop classroom

For the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop, people are sharing their homeschool classrooms, so I thought we'd join in.  But how do I share it?!  Our RVstead is our classroom.  The whole country was our classroom when we were roadschooling!  So right now as we're RVsteading, it's the farm.  Since we (parents included!) are unschooling, life learning, farming, homesteading, actually RVsteading students, we're all learning the hard way how to live off the land here on the top of Lundy Mountain in Arkansas.  So our learning doesn't really happen in a class room (which is convenient since we live in an RV!), it's more like on a mountain top. 
We all helped build the barn and animal pens.
Learning how to raise baby goats has been adorably fun.
There are now animals everywhere! 
Putting in a garden in rock was quite challenging. 
Enjoying the fruits (and veggies) of our labor is pretty nice though. 
We're preparing a greenhouse for later on. 
Allen and the boys love providing fish from the lake for the family. 
We're learning how best to prepare our fresh chickens. This was Fred the rooster. :)
Some of us the chicken and rabbit eating dog! had to learn which animals we're not allowed to eat! 
It's so fun to watch the kids and animals enjoying the land. 
The cat still needs to learn that she's not a chicken. 
We've learned much about the birthing process. What an education, shew.
Washing clothes has been a really not fun chore, but now we have a washing machine to make it easier. We still use the free sun for drying.
It's really a beautiful classroom. 
 We sure enjoy it and are learning a LOT in our mountaintop classroom!


Amy said…
That looks like the perfect space for learning to me. Most of the other homeschool rooms I've seen from the link up have been anxiety inducing to me.
Melissa N. said…
SOO Jealous of your life. I have longed for the life you are leading. We RV during the spring, summer and fall, but just a week here and there. The children are at their best when we are away from the home. Love all your learning spaces!