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Josh kayaks the Yough

Allen decided Josh was ready to run the whole Yough.  I was a little nervous, but he'd run the loop 4 times and did great, even hitting combat rolls mid-rapid.  So off they went, and he had a flawless run!  Allen even had him run Dimple (I'm not super excited about that, seeing that it's a death-hazard and all, but I trust Allen, as much as a mom can anyway.)
They had a great day!  Matt and I hiked to Cucumber, where Matt took the pics and I took video.  (Mom and Dad, I'm not super sure you want to see Josh doing this!!) 

Video (look away Grands!) of Josh running Cucumber.

Cucumber series.  Pics by Matt. Not bad for a 10-year-old!
Then we waited at the take out and took a few more pics of Bruner Run.
What a proud boy!