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Happy Easter!

We enjoyed a quiet Easter, just hanging out together. We had a very yummy brunch, complete with initial pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Mmmm, bacon.
The kids chose baskets from on top of our shelves (yep, just un-Velcro and tada, Easter baskets!) which the Easter Bunny filled (and then hid) much to their delight.
Then we visited the Grands to do some laundry spend some quality time. Instead of a traditional egg hunt, we thought we'd try a scavenger hunt and they loved it! They worked as a team and ran all over the house and yard. We had to do it again and make it much harder for these clever kids. Then they designed one for the adults and did a very impressive job with their clues!
We had a yummy dinner and headed home after the laundy was finished after a great day. I tried to take our traditional pic of the kids on the stairs, but they're a bit too big! Of course our stairs now are much smaller than those in our old house. We hope you had a happy Easter too and took time in the midst of the silly fun to seriously celebrate what Jesus did for us. Matthew 28:6