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RV thingamajig, aka clothespine!

I want to tell you about this thingamajig, but I don't know what to call it. So I need your help! Please leave a name in the comments if you can think of one. Thanks! :)
Allen made this thingamajig for us today. It's a 2x4 that hangs off our RV ladder on the back and it has holes to hang clothes to dry on hangers (or we can just throw towels over the board, etc). Clothesline, clothes board, drying board, hanger board, laundry board, 2x4 laundry drying assisting utility, see? I have no idea. It'll be handy though! It'll store inside the bumper. It'll be painted white. It'll be great for pool towels. It just needs a name!
What would you call it?? And yes, we have a back door, in the back bathroom. And yes, it is bright turquoise. :)

Update: Current name contenders... clothespine and the Lundry stick. :)

Update #2: I think we all like clothespine best! Just descriptive enough and just redneck enough... So clothespine it is! And now, if you find yourself in need of a clothespine (because who doesn't need a clothespine?!), I know who makes them. ;)


The Valentines said…
The darn thing the kids run into every time they're racing round the camper and forget there's now a Lundry sticking out the side.........just sayin' that's what would happen here, lol!
I do think the Lundry's a cool name though!
mattslaura said…
I'd say you just call it a name. Like Chuck or Mr. Smee or the butler or something like that. That way the kids could say, "Mom have you seen my towel?" And you could just say "Darling, why don't you go and see if the butler has it?" See! Now it's a part of your family. Like 'Wilson' the volleyball. Good luck!