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homeschooling - wait, we're on break but we're eating rabbits?!

(ick warning below!)
the little house prairie primer keeps suggesting we eat rabbit as part of our lessons, and i keep purposefully skipping that part. but allen had to take the boys rabbit hunting so josh could use his new bb gun. they've gone before without success, so quite honestly, i was pulling for failure. lizzy was begging for them to look at it from the innocent little bunny's point of view!
alas, they were successful hunters so we had rabbit tonight. slow-cooked with sour cream/cream of mushroom over noodles, and also fried. hmm, tasted like chicken. :) the boys loved it! i'm proud to say lizzy and i ate it, and well, we liked it too, though we had to concentrate hard on not concentrating hard on what it was, which is really hard. :)
but we're proud of daddy and the boys for bringing home prairie rabbits just like pa, even if we weren't as excited as laura and mary! but i'm so counting this toward our schooling. what a learning experience!


Webfrau said…
YUM! Rabbit! I've got plenty here if they need to hunt some more. :)