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week 19 of homeschooling

the holdiays are over and it's back to the grind. the kids weren't very excited, but they did well. the dog got grounded again though. he likes to interrupt lessons to lick children.

mon, jan 4: (happy birthday grandma!!!)
· spelling tests
· math workbooks
· reading
· bible lesson
· gym class was jump shots while bouncing on the trampoline (while freezing i should add!)
· from the prairie primer (we just started reading the next book, the long winter): reading, history, living, health, language, science, vocabulary, safety, bible, character
· we also watched two more episodes of little house and learned about war, addictions, sacrifice, hard times, humility, good stuff!

tues, jan 5:
· math & grammar workbooks
· from the prairie primer: reading, science (3 chapters, but a short lesson!)
· in the book they had an equinoctial storm, so we studied the earth's rotation & revolution, seasons, sunrise/set, etc. we used matt's head as the sun. :) and found a cool animation.
· i went to lunch with the girls and apparently missed the second accident of the day! each time it snows it seems some car ignores the 4 giant arrows warning of the curve and slips off the road. we woke up to that this morning, but no injuries. this afternoon though, the car flipped just before the kids went outside to play! glad they were home and able to help. and there was a third just off the road when i came home. so, some life skills today?!
· and thanks so a very timely tip from, i just downloaded a free copy of the long winter audio book from (today only)! so tonight we'll listen to the next 3 chapters!!!

wed, jan 6:
· math timed test
· spelling words in a story
· bible lesson
· math workbooks
· music class (they learned three little birds by bob marley!)
· from the prairie primer: reading, bible, history, science, language
· tonight we read about the huge blizzards, so i hope there's more snow when the kids wake up. they think i'm magic. :)

thurs, jan 7:
my reading magic worked and we had snow! the kids had a ball. we did get our school in, but gave them lots of time to play. the boys went rabbit hunting (the cute bunnies prevailed this time though!) and lizzy got to play guitar hero (she opted not to kill cute bunnies).
· math & spelling tests
· math worksheets
· survival skills class (prompted by said hunting trip) and grammar. they had to write something, i didn't pay attention.
· from the prairie primer: reading, geography, economics, science

the local school has a 2 hour delay, and since we don't have delays or school days, we just declared tomorrow a sleep in day! yay! :)

fri, jan 8:
· another mostly snow day! they did play educational computer games. and the boys went hunting again and lizzy worked on her hand-eye coordination, okay, she played guitar hero again.