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we made our own laundry and dishwasher soap

just like the ingalls on their prairie, well not quite, but we made our own powdered laundry soap. which turned out to be quite easy and fun! i'd read about liz and kim's liquid soap, but wasn't up for all the steps. i'm lazy. so i googled and found this easy recipe.
i'm very happy with it, though the grated pink soap is so pretty, i hated to use it! :) i'm glad it works, it's easy, it's SUPER cheap, i know exactly what's in it, but mostly i just like the pretty pink soap.

Powdered Laundry Soap
1 Cup grated Zote Soap
1/2 Cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda
1/2 Cup Borax
For light load, use 1 Tbsp. For large or heavily-soiled loads, use 2 Tbsp.

it's more fun if you have cute little helpers.
i guess i really overestimated my container needs. i'll have to grate more pink soap!
see? pretty! yes, i'm easily impressed and amused. :)

Dishwasher Soap
1 T Washing Soda
1 T Borax
Use 2 T per load. If dishes are cloudy, add one drop of liquid dish soap.

seriously, that's it! i tried it out first and just measured out a tablespoon of each until i was sure. then i put a cup of each in a jar (and shook it) with a 2 tablespoon medicine cup for a scoop. easy! no pictures because it's boring without pretty pink soap. :)