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week 21 of homeschooling

would it be wrong to admit i don't remember what we did last week?? with the pending move, or unmove, it's been an an exciting time of selling stuff, looking for campers, and well, dreaming of warmer weather and the open road.
of course allen always knows what he did. he's organized and scheduled. really, he has a spreadsheet. you don't mess with the spreadsheet either (trust me!). i'd call it drill sergeant-ish, but he prefers structured. my part of the day is a bit more flexible. unstructured, free form, surprising, changing, whatever. the kids need to learn to endure different styles of teaching right?
i remember we did some prairie primer. i'm sure it was pretty amazing.
we're also learning about the trials of farming, by feeding our neighbor's non-egg-laying chickens. the kids love playing with the animals, but are bummed about no eggs all week. now we're thinking about having chicken... ;)
so to summarize, i taught amazing stuff, just not memorable stuff. and here's what allen covered, all on the spreadsheet. :)