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Where should our Road Show stop in the USA???

Where in the country should the Lundy DSP road show stop if the road show should hit the road?!

Ponder this if you will. Let's say the Lundy family and DSP Headquarters packs up in an RV and hits the road. (That of course would begin with my family, then any of team digital we can pick up along the way!) As we travel, we could stop for crops and photowalks near YOU!

The full-time RVers at DSP have made us so jealous we can stand it no longer and we're seriously considering hitting the road. But why settle for just an amazing adventurous life when you could also MEET DSPers all along the trail?!!!

So if you think a digital scrapbooking crop and/or photowalk in your area would be fun, let us know here! Maybe your town isn't big enough, or small enough, or ready for the Lundy family to roll in, that's okay! But if you think you have a great location for an official DSP stop, please let us know! We're working on some fun ideas and who knows what might happen?

So, if it goes, where should the DSP Road Show go?!!!! Post your answers here!