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Back to Arkansas

After our fill of the Florida sunshine, we headed back to Lundy Mountain in Arkansas. We're looking forward to getting back to our slower pace and wide open space. For a while at least. It was great to let the dog and cat free. We're SUPER glad to be rid of the cat, who is never coming inside the RV again!  She's happy too.  Which she shows by eating my leg.
And she got right back to her normal sleep in odd places routine, this time on the things piled on the water container.
We got our rabbits back from our neighbor and few of them came with babies! These were still in the ew stage. 
But these were cute and fluffy! 
And Gypsy's babies are probably the prettiest we have! 
It's nice to be getting fresh eggs from neighbors again! 
I don't know. He walked around like this all day. It happens. 
Florida usually has the market on sunsets, but this one wasn't bad for Arkansas. Over the farm & feed store. :)
It's good to be back. I'd say it's good to be home, but we're always home. :)