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WWoHP: Staff Costumes

My friend Tina (a way bigger Potter Geek than me!) asked for photos of staff costumes while we lived in Harry's world.  After weeks there, I really believe the staff was one of the best parts of the WWoHP.  They were really great and always in character.  Besides looking magical, they were friendly and very knowledgeable about Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.  In Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, we were trying to remember the name of a cute little fluffy animal.  A staff member nearby said "Oh these are pygmy puffs, just like Ginny Weasley had, but hers was purple." She went on to tell us what they liked to do and eat and was so serious, but entertaining.
My favorite story was when someone beat Matt is a battle of words (which usually just doesn't happen!).  It was a different train conductor from the pic below, but Matt asked him if this train was the real one from the movie.
In character, he said "What movie are you referring to? Something about trains?"
Matt said "You know what I mean." 
He said "Well maybe I haven't seen that movie yet, but this is the one and only Hogwarts Express."
Matt said "We just came in on the Hogwarts Express."
Conductor: "Oh, from London then? Yes, it drops off passengers, then comes here for photos."
Matt: "But this one doesn't move."
Conductor: "I thought you said you just came in from London!"
Matt had no idea what to say and just walked away, hanging his head. You could tell the conductor enjoyed his job and probably gets a lot of practice talking to all those muggles. :)
They seemed to always be having fun.
Even if they were keeping the streets clean, they looked great and were friendly.

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Love. Love. Love. Thanks for taking these pics for me!
The Lundy 5 said…
I'm so glad I did! It really helped me look around and notice the amazing staff!