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My quick trip to Utah

i had a fun, but very quick, trip to utah for a meeting (with a great company, but if i tell you, then i'd have to kill you, so i won't). :) amanda was filmed for an infomercial to be seen on a tv near you soon! we got to work with sharlene hawkes (miss america 1985) who was just awesome. i could tell you more about the infomercial and what we did with sharlene, but again with the killing thing...
as always i had a great time with amanda and we got a lot accomplished. i also got a quick tour of salt lake city and we even saw the filming of high school musical 3! the pics are some great views of salt lake city, amanda on the set of the infomercial, and the set of high school musical 3. the kids are convinced (as i zoomed way in) that the guy standing up is zac efron (aka troy). :)


Anonymous said…
Yay! Awesome! it IS Zac lol :)..great pics <3