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We met Rob Dibble today!

a menards just opened close to us (yay!) and they're having some big promotions for their grand opening week. tonight rob dibble, former pitcher (one of the nasty boys!) for the cincinnati reds, was there signing autographs. allen dug out his baseball cards and found dibble's and the kids had a hat, banner, and ball ready to sign. by the time the kids & i got there, there was a long line and they had just closed it! of course the kids had been so excited and josh takes his baseball so seriously he started crying, poor guy. i went back and asked the man if he could please just let these kids in because they were so excited and it would mean so much. he had us wait a little then kindly looked the other way as we got in line!! (of course if you happen to be the manager at menards, this is completely made up so please ignore it!) so after a little while in line, we all got our autographs and rob was very nice. i got a picture of him with the kids too. then we went back up front to get a cart and as he went by on his way out, he talked to them a little more and they were just so happy. for the picture, he put his arm around lizzy, so now she doesn't want to take a bath. :) so quite an eventful night for this family of reds fans!


Liz McCoy said…
super exciting!!!!