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Even more kayaking

on the 20th, they went down the river early because it was monday and there wasn't much raft traffic. while allen was having fun, we were back at camp packing up, finishing laundry, and all the stuff to do on the day you leave, quite sad actually! but we missed quite a show at the falls! apparently everyone in the group flipped! i didn't even know bob *could* flip! i've never seen him wet i don't think! but over they all went, one by one, with a few swimmers even. allen made his roll though, so that was good! but i wish we would have watched on this day, would have been quite entertaining! and alas, all good vacations must come to and end, so ours did. ending with a very enjoyable, although long, drive home - the kids watching movies and the grownups listening to the harry potter book on cd. :)