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Helicopter ride!

The kids' road-grandpa, Doug (remember the guy from the dumpster?!) surprised our kids with a HELICOPTER RIDE over Orlando!  They were so excited!  Lizzy and Matt have never flown and Josh hasn't for many years so they were just all smiles as they boarded, and still when they landed.  Josh took my camera up, so the pics are all his, except for my phone pics that I couldn't resist. 
They said the captain was funny and told them about everything they were seeing.  Lizzy especially liked his joke, "Is this your first flight? Mine too!" 
Downtown Disney, which we just visited.  
ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
Doug's campground!
I'm in the back of the truck taking pics.
We enjoyed some Krispy Kreme donuts while we heard all about it.  Then headed back to his campground, where the boys tried out the giant chess.  What a fun day, thanks to Doug!