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Refrigerator message center

I've always hated our shiny black fridge/freezer doors.  Dark, smudgy, fingerprinty, plasticy blah.  So when Allen said the doors would come off easily, I tried to figure out how to change them to fit our brightly redecorated RV. Chalkboard paint, magnetic paint, something bright, something wooden, maybe stainless steel, or contact paper... but I had no clue, so they were still blah black.  But the other night I was thinking (as I try to do often): simplify.  Go with the black instead of over-complicating.  So my solution was a message center for the refrigerator. Just write on the fridge with neon window markers. Good grief that was easy!  And bright, happy, helpful, and most importantly, finished!
Now we can leave notes, reminders, pictures, just whatever. And we can make it as bright as we'd like! No more boring blah black. Much better!  So glad I had this idea for decorating a refrigerator door.  If you try it, make sure you test that the markers easily wipe off.  Lizzy just started writing, but they wipe right off with cloth or paper towels.