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Fish and more fish

What have we been up to in Florida?  Fishing.  Pretty much just that.  Allen and sometimes a random kid or two bring them home and I fry them up in a pan.  It's a pretty sweet deal. 
This was Matt's monster bass, after he got dressed again... 
Right before they got to the take out where I was waiting, he dropped his new pole. He quickly rolled over and went in to save it, cold water and all.  Selfless!  That's why he's only wearing my jacket for this pic!  
This was Lizzy's day on the river with her dad.  Cold but pretty. 
Mmmm, our favorite so far probably.  Fried bass coated with crushed salt & vinegar chips!  (You're welcome for that recipe!) 
My views are pretty when I drop them off or pick them up.
One day Allen bought me a beautiful necklace!  Which turned out to be a drop line.  I may have gone over the top, praising him and thanking him and modeling my new jewelry, just to annoy him. That is my favorite hobby of course.  (They really are kinda pretty for fish-death-machines.) 
I found this picture of the same campground from a year ago.  Wow.   Um.  Yeah. 
You know, random fish pictures are incredibly boring in my opinion.  So prepare...  
Bored? Me too. But they're awfully yummy, so I humor him and ooh and ahh so he'll keep bringing them home!!