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Before & after

We've done a little work on this corner of the mountain.   "A little" as in a whole lot.  And it's been very fun, rewarding, fun, challenging, fun, educational, and yep, fun.  We're all stronger, wiser, and more appreciative.  We've also had so many experiences you just can't have in campgrounds!  It'll be hard to leave this little piece of peace, but it will be nice to head to sunny Florida to warm up and rest a bit! 
Before and after pics:
The view from my reading tree, which ended up Allen's deer tree instead.  He says I get my reading tree next year.  
We'll sure miss our view. And our free dinners.
 Hopefully it won't be too grown up when we visit again!  


Unknown said…
So beautiful and a wonderful life experience. I think my family could learn a lot from yours! Next time you are up in Maine we should get together!
jennifer said…
It IS super pretty though