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RVing videos

We LOVE our nomadic life, but these fun compilation videos make me love it even more. :)
This is Home (song by Switchfoot, pics by Margie, videos by Allen, cute kids by adoption, amazing life by courage and the grace of God).

The fulltime RVing Lundy family in 2010:

Another video of our RVing adventures in 2011. We went from Florida to Maryland, took an unplanned (nothing is ever planned!) turn to Missouri, then on to California and Arizona.  This year we really slowed down, spending more time in each place. We still saw a LOT and enjoyed every bit most of it.

The fulltime RVing Lundy family in 2011:

Yes, we need to make an updated video, but we've been too busy enjoying life.  We'll get to it soon!
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Unknown said…
Those video's make me want to video more of our Adventure's! Hopefully, one day they will include some white water rafting! That is something I have always wanted to do. Anyways, thanks for sharing a peek into your RV life ;)