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Random farmness

Walker Kitty's back.  One day it was the mower seat, the next was a box of trash.
Apparently the ducks are really enjoying the goats' play land, especially the tires. 
They put gravel on our dirt road!  Guess they were tired of having to scrape it after every rain. I'm not sure how they justify the expense for the few people that live up here, but our tires are grateful.  My pictures won't be as pretty though!  
My reading tree was taken over by Allen, Matt, a dog, a cat, and goats. 
Lizzy drew the goats if they were human.  I think she captured their personalities well!  Fun happy Lily, sweet quiet Lucy, and pretty but mean Annie.  
Some of the tarantulas here are kinda big. They keep to themselves, so they don't really bother us. The kids came in telling me about an extra big spider on the barn and wanted the camera. I said make sure something's in the picture so you can see how big it is, and they took this.  Okay then!  
We got a free goat/chicken/duck shelter for the woods (hey, free is free).  Jack seems to think it's a porch.  
Matt was being nice and shared his pillow with Jack, who seems to be a little confused about how to actually use a pillow...