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Even though my parents were due around lunchtime, Allen went out hunting in the morning and quickly got a doe! It may have taken 45 minutes. The man is a hunting machine! 
Uncle Ryan and Josh helped him process it outside, while Matt helped me weigh and wrap up the meat inside.  All with the clock ticking down, as I really didn't want Mom and Dad to arrive to Lundy Mountain for the first time and see it looking like, well, like it did.  (Ew)
The chickens and cat were very happy with the leftovers.  (Ew)
Walker Kitty literally ate herself into a stupor.  She passed out right there and didn't move for hours.  
And we finished just in time, with all the evidence gone.  And FORTY POUNDS of free meat in the freezer!  That was a very productive morning. 
He's been watching the deer around here and of course they can't see him looking like this. 
The trail cam has been fun to watch.  This little guy's safe, but there are a lot of others on this mountain.  
This could be the culprit of Walker Kitty's altercation.