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Attitudes, tape measures, chicks

Lots of attitude on this RVstead. This chick will be trouble.
And Gypsy likes to give one-ear-up sarcastic looks. 
Speaking of attitudes, these three make me a little leery.  We just sent the third and last member of the first chicken mafia to freezer camp. Now these chicks are forming a little exclusive group.  Better watch these... 
Little bunny tongues are so funny. Maybe only to me though. 
Allen sat down and Lily kept pulling out his tape measure and letting it snap back, over and over!  Not sure if she liked the sound or just wanted a snack. 
Allen built a double cage for the newest bunnies under the back covered barn area between the goats and chickens.  
We've been letting the goats graze in the yard and Annie was determined to get into the chicken tractor to get to their food. You know, because there wasn't enough food in the field or woods all around her. 
New chicks!  Last batch before winter.  So says Allen.  Again.  We'll see.  
So fluffy! 
Thus ends another day on the farm. :) Not bad!